Verifone P400

This page gives an overview of the Verifone P400 device with the Braintree In-Person solution.


The Verifone P400 is part of the Engage series of Verifone payment terminals. This device is a fixed lane payment terminal tethered to a power source that supports either WiFi or Ethernet network connectivity. The glass display screen has touchscreen capabilities for seamless interaction with your customers. This robust device is perfect for merchants who need a reliable and sturdy card reader for a fixed-lane checkout experience.

P400 Package Contents

P400 Hardware Specifications

See below the hardware specifications of the Verifone P400 card reader. More information on this device can be found here.



Advanced, high-performance PIN pad with rich multimedia and commerce capabilities.


3.5” HVGA (320 × 480) color LCD | Corning® Gorilla® Glass technology with capacitive touch screen


4.8W maximum power consumption | 5-12V DC | power over USB 5V 500mA

Available accessories for the P400


Privacy Shield

Flexible plastic covering the pinpad to provide privacy while entering PIN

Required for PCI compliance if installing P400 on a fixed stand

Stylus Pen and Holder

Pen designed for interacting with pinpad screen display. The pen holder attaches to the device for pen to be held


For more information, please contact your Engagement Manager, Integration Engineer, or Customer Success Manager.

Supported Payment Entry Modes

For more info on supported payment methods click here

Supported WiFi Connectivity

Reader supports 2.4 and 5GHz frequency band. Supported security algorithms are WPA 1/2 in PSK mode with CCMP (AES) or TKIP encryption protocols.

We have seen that 5GHz frequency band tends to work much better when using the WiFi connectivity. This is recommended when available, but may vary depending on merchant specific network environment.

Customize your Reader Idle Screen

You may choose to add a custom logo or image to the card reader idle screen, which can be great to add your branding to another customer touch point. The images can be configured at either the reader level, location ID level, or at the gateway account level. In order to facilitate this, you will need to follow the below steps.

P400 Custom Image File Specs

  • Dimensions: 320 by 464 pixels with 72dpi

  • Supported file formats: .jpg, .gif, .png

  • Max file size: 2mb

  • Animation is supported only using .gif file format

Tips for creating your image files

  • For logos on a flat color background, choose .png file format for a crisp render of your logo

  • For a screensaver with photographic backgrounds, choose .jpg file format. Use Photoshop to save for web compression at 80%

  • For animations, use .gif file format and use save for web compression with 128 colors or less

Process to Upload Custom Images

  1. Create a custom image file adhering to the P400 Custom Image File Specs

  2. Identify the readers or locations that you would like this to be enabled for (we'll need serial numbers if you'd like this enabled for specific readers or location IDs for specific locations otherwise we can enable it at the gateway account level)

  3. Send the image file along with a list of the reader serial numbers to your PayPal Solutions Engineer or Integration Engineer to kick off the enablement

  4. The readers will refresh their configuration within a 12-hour interval or upon the next reboot

If you would like to update the custom image files post go live please follow the above steps and email the support team at

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